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Around 1895 Ms. Luther E. Hamilton donated a large collection of books to the organization that would soon become known as Hillview Free Library. At the time, the organization was using the space that was known as Penderson's Deli and Gift Shop as a library. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Truesdale owned the property, with Ms. Truesdale as the first librarian. When the couple moved from the property, the literary collection followed into the couple's new house.


In 1899 Ms. Jane Keyes Hamilton, a resident of New-York-City decided the community needed a physical plot for the library. She, along with some like minded residents, purchased the property the library is located at, and moved a 1860's schoolhouse to the site. The building was transformed into a library for the community.

On December 19th of 1901 a New York State Charter was granted to the Hillview Library Association. The first trustees were Mr. & Mrs. E Luther Hamiliton, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Jacobs, Mr. George Yewell, Miss E.D. Brereton, and Mrs. Fred. E Truesdale. With charter obtained, the library trustees acknowledged they had outgrown the original building.

They approached J. Dickinson Hunter, who was able to design the stone arched structure that led to a curved wooden door, which opened to an oak lined great room. In 1906 Mr. Hunter designed and donated the bronze tablet on the front arch. In 1967 a children's room was added onto the back of the library, with built in bookcases, designed by local craftsman Donald Quigan.

In 1997 the great room was renovated, and in 2007 a central heating and air conditioning system was added for much needed patron's comfort. After receiving the Charles R Wood Foundation grant in 2019 Hillview was able to update the heating and cooling system by making it more energy efficient, allowing us to maintain our status as a staple in our community. 

In early 2022, Hillview submitted an application to NY State's Historic Preservation Office that seeks to officially designate the Library building an Historic Structure under the NYS Historic Preservation Act. Hillview's application is currently under review.

Staff & Board Members

Get to know our board of trustees and staff! Let us help you! 


Margo Nelson

Library Director

Library Assistants

Michele Austin

Maureen Devine

Historic Trustees


Thomas Hall


Mary Lu Murphy

Vice President

Lydia Hall


Robert Benware


Helene Dougan


New York State Historic Marker

In 2023, Hillview Free Library was the proud recipient of the New York State Historic Marker Grant from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation. You can learn more at the foundations website! 

Organizational Thanks

Hillview Free Library is proudly working in tandem with the Town of Lake George. This collaboration is an integral part of the service we provide.  We thank them for all and any support they provide.

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