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General Collection

Hillview Free Library is happy to provide patrons with a variety of materials from it's general collection. We have a fiction section that you can lose yourself in, a non-fiction section for any research required. Bring the children in for our kids section, and your teen might even find something on our Young Adult shelves. We have magazines available, and the option to request any material you might want.


Adult Fiction Collection

From Charles Todd, to James Patterson, Hillview is happy to host a proud variety of adult fiction in our general collection. We've got everything from mysteries to love stories with plenty in between. Due to our generous book budget, the library is able to get almost anything that you don't find on the shelves, and always tries to keep our patrons updated on what is coming out when! 

Adult Non Fiction

Located in the front room of the library, known as The Great Room, our non fiction section is ripe for research and reading. We've got books on all sorts of subjects, and matter, so you are guarantied to find something you are looking for, even if you didn't know it when you step in the doors of our humble establishment. 

Great Room.jpg

YA Collection

Find the newest read for your teen in our Young Adult (YA) collection. We've got fantasy, coming of age stories, we've got historical love interests, we've even got books on the apocalypse! There is a story waiting to be read for every teen on this big blue shelf.

Children's & Middle Grade

We have quite the extensive collection of children's books for all ages. From board books, to picture books, middle grade mysteries like the Hardy Boys, or Nancy Drew, to fantastical worlds we have more than enough to let your child get lost in the stacks of stories. In short, there is something for everyone in our back room collection! 


Graphic Novels

Though small, this little Graphic Novel collection is mighty! It houses manga, and even some western comics in hopes of conveying that reading is reading no matter the material. If there is a specific graphic novel you request, be sure to let us know! 


The library is happy to provide access to easy beach living with these magazines! Catch up on all the latest news from a variety of sources and styles! Patrons are able to check these out, just like any other material, so you don't have to worry about reading it within the time limit you have on your library visitation. 


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