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Support Our Library

Your patronage and support are much appreciated. Any monetary gifts will help to enhance our collection and programming. 

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Current Fundraising!

Community Pavilion

What it is; Hillview Free Library is currently raising funds for a community pavilion. To be built on The Great lawn, the pavilion aims to be the host of outdoor events,  community picnics, and act as a resource space for a variety of groups. 


Where are we now; We have the plans, as well as promised labor and sitework, now we are raising money for the materials and finalization of the pavilion itself! Donate today to help us reach our goals! 

Hillview Book Barn


Make sure to stop and check out Hillview's own Book Barn. Here you can find an assortment of used books for sale to help with library fundraising! The Book Barn is open during Library Hours of Operation. Patrons can peruse well loved options, for the simple price of $1.00 per hardcover, or .50 for softcover. Please stop in the library with your selections.  

Donate Books

The library is currently accepting donations of books and DVD's, however we ask that you in your enthusiasm refrain from donating anything damaged, with outdated information, or anything that you yourself wouldn't want to own. 


Hillview welcomes our community members who feel the need to go above and beyond by volunteering their time! We ask that you contact one of the staff members if you wish to volunteer within the library itself, or one of the board members if you wish to volunteer services on a larger scale! Thank you for taking the time to think of us.

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